Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paxton Creek Total Maximum Daily Flow (TMDL)

Paxton Creek - Total Maximum Daily Flow (TMDL)

We have some great news for the new year.  The Paxton Creek TMDL is no longer!  The Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Agency have agreed to remove the Paxton Creek watershed from the TMDL list.  This action is a direct result of our efforts with the Harrisburg Home Builders Association on legal and scientific arguments which had proved that EPA methods in developing the TMDL were flawed.  This quest has taken several years and the support and financial participation of  the Pa. Builders Association, Pa. Realtors Association, Harrisburg Realtors Association, National Home Builders Association and Lower Paxton Township.  Many thanks to Hall & Associates who was the attorney who handled the litigation.

Why is this important?  As a builder, developer, municipality or local resident it is important because the TMDL could stop all building within the drainage area, cost millions to local governments to meet compliance and still not correct the environmental issues.  This is the type of issue that we at R.J. Fisher & Associates, Inc. have made a priority to help protect the building industry and see as one of the reasons of why we exist.  This is why membership and participation in your Builders Association, Realtors Association and municipal government is important!  We will continue to be challenged in the future by regulations that threaten the American Dream of Home Ownership.  The procedures that EPA had used in this TMDL were a dramatic change from past TMDL's and they intended to use these methods throughout the country.  If this TMDL was allowed to happen it could affect the industry across the nation.  We still no not know if EPA intends to change their methods so we still have work to do on this issue, on the Chesapeake Bay TMDL and many other issues.  Please continue to support our local Associations and business that help to defend your interest.


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